February 17, 2016

"Who Eats Better?" Has Moved!!

I've officially made the switch over from Blogger to WordPress.  It's beeen an exciting transition, albeit a little frustrating...  I'm learning a lot about HTML, or at least attempting to learn.  It's a work in progress, but already is coming along beautifully, even with the hair-pulling.  (Any other bloggers out there who have made a platform switch know what I'm talking about.)

Ok, enough talk here.  Go check out the "new" blog at www.whoeatsbetter.com

February 2, 2016

Want More "Who Eats Better?"?

I know, I know...I'm a little behind on my posts and even my dependable posts once or twice a month probably weren't enough anyway.  It's 2016!  We need social media fixes and instant gratification regularly!  And what's more instant than Instagram??

"Who Eats Better?" now has its own account on Instagram!  If you can't hold out for the weeks between posts, then you should click here to follow the more consistent @WhoEatsBetter on Instagram!  Even if you are patient enough for blog posts, still follow @WhoEatsBetter because it's filled with posts like these:

Fruit transformations

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Mixology 101

Recipe buzz...

And recipe blunders

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Check out all of @WhoEatsBetter's Instagram posts here and click the "Follow" link to stay up to date with the blog and everything in between.